Taiwan-Indonesia Relations

History of Taipei Economic and Trade Office

In 1971, Taiwan and Indonesia agreed to mutually establish a representative office in Taipei and Jakarta. In 1989 the "Chinese Chamber of Commerce to Jakarta" renamed to "Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Indonesia". Bilateral relations have been closed in various fields. At the end of 2015, it opened a representative office in Surabaya with the name "Taipei Economic and Trade Office in Surabaya".

  1. Trade and Investment Relations
    1. Trade
      1. In recent years, the statistics of economy and trade between Taiwan and Indonesia are the following:
        Exports from Indonesia to Taiwan(2016)(2017)(2018) 4,326,000,000)(USD 4,920.000.000)(USD 5,510,000,000)
        Exports from Taiwan to Indonesia(2016)(2017)(2018) (USD 2,745,000,000)(USD 3,190,000,000)(USD 3,330,000,000)
        Bilateral trade between both countries(2016)(2017)(2018) (USD 7,071,000,000)(USD 8,120,000,000)(USD 8,840,000,000)
        Indonesia’s trade surplus(2016)(2017)(2018) (USD 1,581,000,000)(USD 1,730,000,000))(USD 2,180,000,000)
        1. Indonesia is Taiwan’s 14th largest trading partner in 2018, is the 10th largest source of import for Taiwan and the 16th largest export market.
        2. Taiwan’s main export products to Indonesia are oil products, iron and steel products, textile raw materials, machinery parts, chemicals and other products; Main imports from Indonesia are natural gas, coal, copper and gold, timber and rubber and other raw materials. Taiwan's state oil company CNPC and Indonesia’s state company BUMN have signed a long term contract for the supply of natural gas.
        3. To enhance the promotion of trade between Taiwan and Indonesia, the Minister of Economic Affairs of Taiwan together with the non-commercial organization established the "Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA)” and in Indonesia established the "Taiwan Trade Center, Jakarta" (http://jakarta.taiwantrade.com.tw/)
    2. Investment
      1. According to the Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM), until the end of December 2018, the number of Taiwan’s investment in Indonesia reached USD 17,854,000,000, consist of 3,320 investments cases.
      2. Type of investment: mainly the furniture industry, textile industry, footwear industry, non-metal mining industry, metal industry, tire industry, service trade, agriculture, etc.
      3. According to data from the Indonesian Immigration, the current number of Taiwanese businessman and Taiwanese technicians who work in Indonesia are about 10,000 people, the number of Taiwanese enterprises more than 2,000.
      4. Taiwanese large companies consist of: CTBC Bank Indonesia, Bao Cheng footwear enterprise, Nan Ya Plastics Corporation, Acer Inc., ASUS, Fengtay, Les Enphants, Tainan Enterprises Co. Ltd., Makalot Industrial Co. Ltd., TECO, TATUNG, Uni President Corps., Din Tai Fung Restaurant, E United Group, Maxxis, KENDA Rubbers, etc.
      5. Taiwanese businessman established the Taiwan Business Club in Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Semarang, Cirebon, Batam, Medan and Bali.
    3. Economic Cooperation Agreement
      1. Agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments (signed in 1990)
      2. Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion (signed in 1995)
    4. Others
      1. Cooperate with the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) and the World Trade Organization (WTO)
  2. Education and Cultural Relations
    1. Scholarship:
      Ministry of Education Republic of China (Taiwan) provides "Taiwan Scholarship" for excellent international student to study in Taiwan to get a degree (bachelor, master or PhD). Other than that, each year also provides "Mandarin Scholarships" for Indonesian students to learn Mandarin in Taiwan. Each year Taiwan government provides "Taiwan Scholarship" and "Mandarin Scholarships" for around 50 Indonesian students. Since 2004 until today, there are about 200 Indonesian students who have received the scholarship and study in Taiwan. In addition, universities in Taiwan provide free education, free accommodation and a variety of scholarships to increase internationalization and attract more international students to study in Taiwan. For more information please contact Elite Study in Taiwan established by the Ministry of Education or visit the website at www.esit.org.tw and Study in Taiwan website at www.studiditaiwan.org
    2. Indonesian Student in Taiwan
      Currently, the numbers of Indonesian students studying in Taiwan are 6,811 students, including 4,000 students of Bachelor, Master and Doctoral degree, 317 exchange students and 1,626 students studying Mandarin.. Indonesia ranks third as the number of foreign students studying in Taiwan, after Malaysia and Japan. Indonesian students in Taiwan founded the "Indonesian Students Association in Taiwan" in May 2010. Their website is www.ppitaiwan.org
    3. According to Taiwan's Ministry of Education statistics, between the period of 2000-2016, Taiwan and Indonesia have signed 256 memorandum of agreement on education cooperation inter-university, which shows the increasing exchange of educational cooperation between the two sides. In 2011, the two sides signed "MoU on higher education cooperation."
  3. Tourism and Aviation
    1. Tourism
      In 2016, there are around 200,000 Taiwanese tourists coming to Indonesia and around 190,000 Indonesian tourists visited Taiwan, an increase of 6.18% from 2015.
    2. Aviation
      China Airlines and EVA Airways have regular flights to Indonesia

      Destination Number of Flights Airlines
      Taipei and Jakarta 44 China Airlines and EVA Air
      Taipei and Bali 38 China Airlines and EVA Air
      Taipei (via Singapore) and Surabaya 14 China Airlines
      Total 96

      In 1969 China Airlines and Garuda Indonesia signed a bilateral agreement of air transport cooperation.

  4. Manpower Cooperation

    1. On December 17, 2004, Taiwan and Indonesia signed an agreement on cooperation in the field of labor, and the number of Indonesian workers to Taiwan continues to increase.
    2. In January 2018, the number of Indonesian workers in Taiwan has reached people. Indonesia is the largest source of foreign labor to Taiwan and is ranked first in the Southeast Asia.268,576
  5. Agricultural Technology Cooperation
    • To help Indonesia develops agriculture and to increase agricultural cooperation between Taiwan and Indonesia, in 1976 Indonesia and Taiwan conducted an agriculture technical cooperation agreement signed by both parties. According to the agreement, Taiwan ICDF (International Cooperation and Development Fund, www.icdf.org.tw) will send a technical mission to Indonesia to provide assistance.
    • Taiwan Technical Mission in Indonesia currently has 4 experts in the field of agronomy, horticulture, and agriculture marketing. Its office is located in Jakarta. Currently, the cooperation program between Taiwan Technical Mission and Indonesia include Taiwan Alumni / ICDF Alumni Association – Indonesia, Strengthening the Agribusiness Incubator with Development of Human Resources in Bandung, The One Village One Product (OVOP) Agribusiness Project, Agribusiness Project and others. This cooperation is appreciated and has a positive response from the Indonesian society.
    • Address of Taiwan Technical Mission in Indonesia:Sunter Paradise 3, Blok 1 No. 15/16, RT.06 RW.013Kel. Papango, Kec. Tanjung Priok, North JakartaPhone: 0251-8425712                Fax: 0251-8425712
    • Cooperation agreement between Taiwan and Indonesia in the field of agriculture:
      1. In 1976, Taiwan and Indonesia signed a technical cooperation agreement in the field of agriculture, and since then has been dispatching a technical mission to East Java and Central Java.
      2. In 1995 signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) in the field of agriculture, in 1996 sent a technical mission to West Java.
      3. In 2006 Taiwan and Indonesia signed a technical cooperation agreement in the field of agriculture.
      4. In January 2010 Taiwan and Indonesia signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) "One Village One Product (OVOP)", and then Taiwan Technical Mission established two work stations in Bali.
      5. In 2016 Taiwan and Indonesia signed a cooperation agreement in the field of agriculture.
  6. Fisheries Cooperation
    On April 13, 2004 Taiwan and Indonesia signed the “MoU on Marine and Fisheres Cooperation”
  7. Immigration and Law Cooperation
    1. Provide training to Indonesian immigration officials in Taiwan, and Mandarin language training in Jakarta.
    2. Bilateral cooperation in respect of repatriation of convicts.
  8. Overseas Community Affairs Counsil
    • It is estimated that there are about 10 million overseas Chinese in Indonesia, and they form association based on family name, society, culture, education, religion. In addition, there is also the Taiwan graduate alumni association, in Java there are "Taiwan Alumni Association in Jakarta", "Taiwan Alumni Association in East Java," "Taiwan Alumni Association in Central Java"; in Sumatra there are "Taiwan Alumni Association of North Sumatra, Indonesia", "Taiwan Alumni Association of South Sumatra"; Taiwan Alumni Association of each region joined together to form the “Taiwan Alumni Association of Indonesia”.
    • Taiwan Entrepreneur Organization currently there are eight Taiwan Business Club based on the geographical differences (Jakarta, Surabaya, Bandung, Cirebon, Batam, North Sumatra, Central Java and Bali), and Taiwan Business Club of each region form a "Taiwan Business Club Indonesia". In addition, Taiwan businessmen also form the "Association of Taiwan Technical Mission", "One Heart Society", "Tiga Roda Charity Foundation", "Taiwan Trader Federation of Indonesia", "Indonesia Taiwan Hakka Society" and other associations.
    • Furthermore, Overseas Community Affairs Consul also takes care of the children of Taiwan businessmen who are studying in Indonesia by organizing counseling at two Taiwan schools:
      1. Jakarta Taipei School (http://www.jtis.org/)
        Established in 1991, consist of kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school.
      2. Surabaya Taipei International School (http://www.surabayataipeischool.org/)
        Established in 1995, consist of kindergarten, elementary, junior high and high school.
  9. Important Agreement Signed by Taiwan and Indonesia in recent years
    • 1990: Agreement for the Promotion and Protection of Investments
    • 1995: Agreement for the Avoidance of Double Taxation and the Prevention of Fiscal Evasion
    • 1995: MoU on agriculture cooperation
    • April 2004: MoU on Marine and Fisheries Cooperation
    • December 2004: MoU on labor cooperation
    • 2006: Agreement on Agricultural Technical Cooperation
    • January 2010: MoU on the “One Village One Product (OVOP)" cooperation
    • May 2011: MoU on higher education cooperation
    • 2016: cooperation agreement in agriculture.